Rainmaker – Efficient Sprinkler System for Forest Fire Control

The sprinkler system can be assembled according to individual needs from fire hoses, sprinklers, T-connectors, and pumps. The hoses are connected using sprinklers and T-connections to form a system or even a large loop that can contain the fire.

Rainmaker features

  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Suitable for protecting wooden house areas and individual houses in fire situations.
  • Material withstands temperatures up to 400°C
  • Finnish patent (patent application number 20217192)
  • Connection with T-connector or threaded connector
  • Tested at 12 bar pressure

The Rainmaker

Benefits of the Rainmaker System

When properly utilised, The Rainmaker can act as a force multiplier for firefighting crews. One operator can monitor and adjust the sprinklers if needed, allowing the rest of the crew members to perform other firefighting tasks.
The crew requirement is reduced, and the crew can perform other firefighting tasks.

The Rainmaker in action
The Rainmaker is being fed from a fire engine with a water pressure of 5.5 bar. The Rainmaker has been tested up to 12 bar.

The Rainmaker in action

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